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Our Approach

Our Approach
Our unique approach to talent acquisition combines top-down market trends with comprehensive market mapping methodologies that results in driving an efficient shortlisting strategy. Contemporary and research-driven, our practice is akin to executive search, as opposed to traditional recruitment that is heavily reliant on the results yielded by advertisements. Time and time again, our method of choice has translated into better information and results for our clients.
Why Work With Us?
We represent world class candidates globally for consulting opportunities in the following industries
  • Networked across major players, second tier firms and boutiques across Europe
  • Clearly communicated candidate profile, competencies and track record
  • Fast turn-around and high hit rates, covering full industry/sector spectrum and hot-skill areas
  • Globally mobile talent pool
  • Diversity hiring and team lifts
  • Executive Search for Director/Partner moves


  • We engage with individuals at all levels of seniority, using a variety of communication channels, including social media, global job boards and through our presence in industry forums and at specialist events
  • Our emphasis on maintaining a high-quality network is managed by applying strict rules to the professionals we add to our talent pool; limiting our scope to those with strong academic and professional track records
  • From our dual locations we are able to keep in close contact with a large number of leading local and geographically mobile risk professionals across the London and MENA landscape.


  • Comprehensive candidate profiling techniques, focused on screening for technical proficiency, subject matter expertise, individual personality traits and inherent motivational catalysts
  • Engaged with clients to gain an in depth understanding of their strategy, outlook and working culture; our client profiling techniques are as thorough as those we apply to our leading candidates
  • Detailed candidate referencing is conducted via multiple sources to build an informed view of talent we represent. Referencing is integral to candidate ‘on-boarding’ and the long-term success of our referral process
  • Well positioned to gauge overall industry climate across regional markets, we maintain a holistic view of the prevailing employment market dynamics across the broader areas we operate within


  • We score highly in identifying the right type of profile for our clients; success stems from our intelligent ability to listen, understand and ask the right questions
  • Our tailored search solutions leverage our knowledge and network of the market place, allowing us to move quickly and offer multiple options
  • We take pride in delivering a premium service to the industry and engaging with leading risk professionals across the markets in which we operate
We’re uniquely positioned by being connected globally to the world’s best financial services and professional services talent.