Résumé Development

Below are some quick guidelines and tips to preparing your résumé, or Curriculum Vitae (CV):

A résumé is an outline of a person's educational and professional history.

Employers take about 30 seconds to scan a résumé; hence it is always important to remain concise.

A résumé can be viewed as an effective tool to market yourself to a potential employer.

Before you begin on creating a résumé it is useful to conduct a self-assessment, start by brainstorming experiences that you have in the following area such as education, professional experiences, special skills, honor/awards etc. Brainstorming helps you better understand your achievements and skills and it helps define or reaffirm your career objectives. It helps you increase your awareness of your own marketability as well.

One of the key tips on writing an effective résumé is learning the language of the field. Read the job description carefully and highlight the skills needed for the position. Try to connect as many of the skills you highlighted to related skills and experiences from your own background.

While writing a résumé, try to be concise, keep it short and sweet, adding pages to your résumé does not necessarily mean adding value to it. The typical length of a résumé is typically about 2 pages.

Presentation and sequence of items with your résumé is crucial as well, try to ensure a certain flow in the presentation of your experiences and skill sets. It is important to get to the key "selling" points quickly. The quicker the reader can absorb the key point the more likely you will get their attention. A well structured and presented résumé also indicates that you are professional, business-like and well organized.

Below is an example of how a well structured résumé would look like.

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