Pillars of Success

Beside our niche offering and the expert capabilities of our dedicated team, there are three firmly founded pillars to our success; Knowledge, Network and Delivery.


  • Comprehensive candidate profiling techniques, focused on screening for technical proficiency, subject matter expertise, individual personality traits and inherent motivational catalysts.
  • Engaged with clients to gain an in depth understanding of their strategy, outlook and working culture; our client profiling techniques are as thorough as those we apply to our leading candidates.
  • Detailed candidate referencing is conducted via multiple sources to build an informed view of talent we represent. Referencing is integral to candidate 'on-boarding' and the long-term success of our referral process.
  • Well positioned to gauge overall industry climate across regional markets, we maintain a holistic view of the prevailing employment market dynamics across the broader areas we operate within.


  • We engage with individuals at all levels of seniority, using a variety of communication channels, including social media, global job boards and through our presence in industry forums and at specialist events.
  • Our emphasis on maintaining a high quality network is managed by applying strict rules to the professionals we add to our talent pool; limiting our scope to those with strong academic and professional track records.
  • From our dual locations we are able to keep in close contact with a large number of leading local and geographically mobile risk professionals across the London and MENA landscape.


  • We score highly in identifying the right type of profile for our clients; success stems from our intelligent ability to listen, understand and ask the right questions.
  • Our tailored search solutions leverage our knowledge and network of the market place, allowing us to move quickly and offer multiple options.
  • We take pride in delivering a premium service to the industry and engaging with leading risk professionals across the markets in which we operate.