• Jul 2018

    Insurance companies invest into IFRS 17 ahead of 2021 deadline

    Insurance companies investing millions into improving financial reporting standards in line with new IFRS 17 measures. Number of insurers believe the benefits of IFRS 17 will outweigh the costs.

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    • May 2018

    GDPR - updated privacy policy

    Please read...

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    • Jun 2017

    Brexit and Job Moves out of London

    One year on, what banks have said about Brexit and Job Moves

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    • Apr 2017

    First Abu Dhabi Bank - UAE's Largest Bank

    FGB and NBAD have completed their merger to form UAE's largest bank by assets

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    • Nov 2016

    Deal-making revival in the Middle East as companies seek diversification

    Deal making has accelerated in the region as countries and companies look for ways to diversify their investments away from oil. 

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    • Jul 2016

    Consolidation in the GCC Banking Sector

    Is Banking consolidation good for the GCC?

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    • Jul 2016

    BREXIT: Impact on the Risk and Regulatory market

    Uncertainty regarding the future path of Banking Regulation

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    • Jun 2016

    BREXIT: a good time to think about relocating to the Middle East?

    Why Brexit could be good for the Gulf Nations

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    • May 2016

    FinTech: Cyber security biggest risk to the financial system

    Cyber security threats looming at large

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    • Apr 2016

    What's on the mind of Risk and Compliance Professionals this year?

    Mifid II

    Financial Crime

    Senior Managers Regime

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    • Mar 2016

    Five characteristics of exceptional internal audit leaders

    Internal audit functions with highly effective leadership perform better and add greater value to their businesses. The most effective internal audit leaders exhibit these five characteristics.

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    • Feb 2016

    Turbulent times for European Banks

    Not just a bad year, but a bad decade for European Banks....

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    • Jan 2016

    Compliance Themes 2016

    Three big risk issues for global banks in 2016...


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    • Dec 2015

    Economic Impact of Low Oil Prices

    Middle East outlook: Lower government spending, tighter liquidity, increasing geopolitical risks....

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    • Oct 2015

    Financial Crime Compliance - Sanctions

    OFAC's aggressive enforcement program of sanctions violations has raised the profile of sanctions compliance....

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    • Sep 2015

    New London Office!

    From October 2015, we will be welcoming visitors to our new London offices in Marylebone (a stone's throw from our old address):


    Bluefin Talent Limited

    2nd Floor

    207 Old Marylebone Road

    London NW1 5QP.


    Closest tube/rail links: Marylebone Station, Edgware Road Station, Baker Street Station.

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    • Sep 2015

    UAE banks gear up as Iran sanctions are eased

    UAE banks prepare for increased business activity

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    • Jun 2015

    Exciting times for Saudi equity markets

    Saudi equity markets open gates for foreign investment....

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    • May 2015

    Employment in the GCC is on the increase

    Gulf countries to create more jobs in 2015, despite oil price fall....

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    • Apr 2015

    The Rising Importance of the CRO in Financial Institutions

    For the first time the CRO is widely recognised as one of the top three positions alongside the CEO and CFO....

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    • Feb 2015

    The Future of Global Insurance

    Lloyds of London looking to navigate into Eastern markets....

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    • Jan 2015

    Tax in the Gulf

    The Economist discusses the case for tax in the GCC

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    • Oct 2014

    Follow our most recent job postings on LinkedIn!

    Follow us on LinkedIn and keep in touch with our latest job postings, relevant news and MORE! :)

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    • Sep 2014

    Bahrain continues to be a leading force in GCC Banking!

    For the second year in a row, Bahrain tops GCC in Islamic Finance.

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    • Aug 2014

    Check out our New Candidate Referral Scheme!!

    Help connect your network to better opportunities and get rewarded for your action!

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    • Jul 2014

    Banking opportunities in the UAE on the rise!

    Banking is one of the sectors seeing an expansion in job opportunities across the UAE.

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    • May 2014

    Risk Management Trends 2014-2016

    Diverse set of challenges for risk managers on the horizon...

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    • Mar 2014

    Mid Level Bankers: London or Dubai?

    Mid-level bankers in the UAE take home nearly 36% more than their London counterparts....

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    • Mar 2014

    Insurance: Calm before the Regulatory Storm

    Are insurance companies prepared for the investment infrastructure challenges ahead?

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    • Feb 2014

    Insurance & Pensions: Planning for Solvency II?

    Preparing fo Solvency II is as great a challenge for supervisors as it isfor firms. Felix Hufeld, Chief Executive Director of Insurance Supervision at the German Regulatory Authority BaFin, proposes five action points supervisors should embrace to manage the chance and successfully implement Solvency II.

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    • Feb 2014

    Eight skills that will get you hired in the Middle East financial sector today

    Middle East financial services recruitment on the rise, for the first time in five years.

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    • Jan 2014

    Risk and compliance efforts gulp financial services IT budget

    Risk, Governance and Compliance Projects lead the way in anticipated gloabl IT spending for 2014.

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    • Dec 2013

    Teachings from Aladdin - the way BlackRock manage $15 trillion dollars of risk

    Discussed are: BlackRock. Risk Systems. Limitations of outsourcing risk management.

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    • Nov 2013

    Sector Analysis: Challenges in Risk Recruitment.

    Because of the technical nature of risk jobs, with staff working in small specialist teams, risk managers rather than HR continue to play the leading role, when it comes to recruitment – particularly in banking...

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