London / Dubai

Positioned in London and Dubai allows us to service the established financial markets of London and rapidly growing financial markets of the Middle East.

Dubai's financial centre is a hub for the Middle East region and our positioning here allows us to spread our services across the core Middle Eastern markets of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, whilst also working with clients in Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman.

Both London and Dubai offices work closely together in servicing a number of our key clients, who are globally situated and operate across the territories we focus on. We collaborate to develop our knowledge of employment market dynamics across regions. Furthermore, we operate an extended working day from both time-zones, allowing us to comfortably extend our services beyond traditional working hours, which is often favourable with busy client and candidate schedules.

We are well positioned to assist with any planned cross-border hiring across London and the Middle East region. Similarly, we are at hand to share our local knowledge with candidates interested in pursuing relocation opportunities. Undeniably, a large part of our talent pool is made up of globally mobile expatriate professionals.