Candidate Referral Scheme

As we continue to expand our operation and enjoy the benefits that running a successful business brings, we would also like our network to fully enjoy the benefits. In our experience, one of the best methods of introduction to prospective candidates is through a recommendation / direct referral from our network.Direct referrals allow us to access talent that have been recommended by their peers, co-workers, or previous employers. It is an excellent vote of confidence in the individual to have been referred by a fellow industry professional, and as such we follow up on all credible referrals provided, ensuring we engage our screening process above and beyond any referral to validate a candidate and ensure suitability for our client's given requirements.

In recognition of the effort of those in our network who provide suitable referrals of candidates who we subsequently place in a new role, we have implemented a referral bonus scheme that rewards our members with what we believe to be a generous cash bonus for any business obtained from a successful referral.Upon a successful placement, Bluefin Talent will pay the referee a cash bonus of $500 USD (or the approximate equivalent in your local currency)

To qualify for the scheme, please send us an email with the candidate name and contact details. Please indicate whether you would like us to disclose your name as a referee, or whether you would like us to keep your details confidential.

The candidate should not already be registered with us, and as long as we place the referred candidate within 12 months or your referral, we will be delighted to pay you the cash bonus upon the candidate's successful placement and completion of a 12-week introductory period with the new client.