Bluefin Talent Pool

We believe that the quality of our service depends on the long-term success of the talent we are able to connect our clients with. Consequently, we are meticulous about the way we add depth to our talent pool, conscious that anyone we represent reflects the makeup of our company.

We are eager to work with the brightest, smartest talent within the specialist domains we focus on, and understand that the best candidates are those which are often inactive and hardest to find. We employ a number of 'out of the box' strategies to engage with inactive, less visible talent across the marketplace.

All candidates are pre-assessed before entering our talent pool, so that we are able to ensure goodness of fit for the 'blue chip' clients we work with. We pre-screen on a number of merits, including subject matter experience, professional track record, academics, character, ambition and overall conduct – gauged through direct contact and our comprehensive referencing processes.

We employ market mapping techniques across the employment marketplaces in which we operate. These form the basis for our searches and allows us to stay informed with changes 'on the ground', often before they take place.

We work with talent at all levels of seniority, covering international ex-pats and locally domiciled individuals.

For a more detailed breakdown of our talent pool, please contact us